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YourLastHost is now Partnered with Softaculous

YourLastHost is pleased to announce their partnership with Softaculous. Softaculous Ltd. is a firm responsible for deploying Softaculous auto installer, which can offer fast and quick installation of more than 320+ packaged scripts, including MyBB, WHMCS, SMF, OpenCart, WordPress, Drupal, phpBB and PrestaShop. By integrating Softaculous with your hosting plan, you will be open to a number of benefits.

Softaculous allows the users to manage, install and upgrade their applications instantly, without having to work on them manually. You do not need any knowledge of programming to do anything whatsoever. The process is hassle-free and without any interruptions. By using this, it becomes even easier to install scripts, such as OpenCard, WordPress, phpBB, which are widely used in today’s site. Softaculous consists of a library, which contains a large variety of different categories, such as social networking, blogs, micro blogs, MRP, forums, educational, project management, image galleries, wikis etc., assisting the user in creating interactive as well as powerful websites.

Strengthen Your Website Features

This partnership offers a strong access to our clients, by putting in more authority with them. Without any prior knowledge of programming or the need of using any extra tools, everyone can install apps easy, quick and fast. With one click, hundreds of apps can be easily installed and modified according to will.

By increasing the apps available in your website, you can guarantee a better site conversion rate. As long as the apps are able to garner the interest of the targeting audience, you will surely see more people buying your services or products. With the large library of Softaculous, you can easily choose a few apps, which can assist your website grow beyond the bounds.

Apps are being used in large numbers to simplify all sorts of work. By integrating effective apps in your website, you can offer the best experience to your users. With more apps, you can create an interactive interface for your website, and by letting people engage with your apps, you can ensure that people are staying on your website for longer time.

What is Softaculous? - YourLastHost
What is Softaculous? – YourLastHost

Softaculous Ltd. was founded in 2009, with a goal of assisting the user in deploying apps instantly with the tap of a finger. Softaculous has been constantly growing, becoming the number one choice of a variety of data centres and hosting companies, all across the globe. By making use of Softaculous, you can guarantee a boost in your client’s app handling process.

With the integration of Softaculous, our customers will be able to witness a number of additional features and apps. Softaculous deploys their features using a fast and elegant interface, which has all kinds of necessary tools. Softaculous allows allow users to acess ratings, reviews and software demos, which in turns allow the user select a suitable application for themselves, based on their own needs and requirements.

Softaculous can help you with the full installation process, from copying simple files to creation of a database. It makes the control panel fun to deal with, and the whole process more hassle-free.

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